Ontario Fundraising Program

Wagener's Meat Mini Pepperoni Fundraising Program.

We are always looking for a chance to participate in team organisation fundraisers! Over the past year we were proud to offer our delicious Mini Pepperoni to various sports teams across the GTA to be used in their fundraising goals. 

If you are organizing a team fundraiser contact us to hear about the products we offer and how we can assist you and your team fulfill your goals. Find out more HERE

Our Mini Pepperoni flavors include:

- Mild Mini Pepperoni

- Hot Mini Pepperoni

- Honey Garlic Mini Pepperoni

- Sweet & Spicy Mini Pepperoni

- Smokey Bacon Mini Pepperoni

- Jalapeno Mini Pepperoni

- Teriyaki Mini Pepperoni

- Turkey Mini Pepperoni

- Turkey HOT Mini Pepperoni

- Chicken Mini Pepperoni

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