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MSG Free Products!

Please note that the following products are MSG Free:

All Beef Salami 

All Beef Mini Pepperoni Mild

All Beef Mini Pepperoni Hot
Bacon Salami  
Balcan Salami
BBQ Style Chicken Breast
Black Forest Ham
Black Forest Ham Farmer Style
Bologna Red
Bone In Ham
Calabrese Hot 
Calabrese Sweet
Camping Salami 
Cervelat Salami
Chicken Bologna 
Cooked Ham Square/Round
Cooked Loin (Polendwica Gotowana)
Cooked Salami 
Corned Beef 
Dry Cured Bacon
Dry Salami 
Dry Salami Hot  
Garlic Salami
Croatian (Gavrilovic) Salami 
German Mortadella
German Salami
Goose Liversausage 
Gooseliver Natural (4pk)
Gypsy Salami
Hausmacher Liversausage 
Herb Salami 

Honey Maple Ham
Hungarian Pick Style Salami 
Hungarian Salami
Hungarian Style Csabai   
Italian Mortadella 
Italian Salami

Jalapeno Salami
Kaiser Salami


Lachsschinken (Dry Cured)
Lachsschinken (Polendwica Surowa)
Liver and Bacon Liversausage
Liversausage Coarse 
Liversausage Fine 
LIversausage with Herbs 
Liversausage with Jalapeno 
Liversausage with Parsely 
Meatloaf Coarse
Meatloaf Fine 
Metka Ring  
Mexican Salami
Mini Black Forest Ham
Mini Kaiser Salami

Mini Pepper Salami

Mini Pepperoni Hot  

Mini Pepperoni Jalapeno  

Mini Pepperoni Mild 

Mini Pepperoni Smokey Bacon 

Mini Pepperoni Sweet and Spicy  

Mini Pepperoni Honey Garlic

Mini Pepperoni Teriyaki

Mini Pepperoni Chicken

Mini Pepperoni Turkey Mild

Mini Pepperoni Turkey Hot

Montreal Smoked Meat

Mustardseed Salami

Oven Roasted Chicken

Oven Roasted Turkey

Pastrami (Eye Of Round)

Pastrami (Outside) 

Pepperseed Salami

Pepper Salami

Hot Pepperoni

Mild Pepperoni

Pepperoni Thick  

Pimento Sausage

Polish Ham

Praquer Ham

Roast Beef

Salami Ring  

Schlackwurst Natural Casing

Side Bacon

Side Bacon Farmer Style

Side Bacon Square 

Smoked Back Fat  

Smoked Liver Sausage  

Smoked Pork Hocks  

Smoked Porkloin 

Smoked Single Beef Tongue  

Smoked Turkey Black Forest Style

Smoked Turkey Breast Roll

Smoked Turkey Leg 

Smoked Turkey Thighs  

Spiced Ham Sausage

Summer Salami  

Taiga Salami

Teasausage Coarse  

Teasuasage Fine 

Tiroler Sausage

Tiroler Schinkenspeck 

Tiroler with Pepperseed

Turkey Bologna

Turkey Pepperoni Mild

Turkey Pepperoni Hot

Turkey with Sundried Tomato

Vienna Salami

Virginia Ham

Westfalian Ham

Whole Smoked Turkey  (seasonal)

Wine Flavoured Salami 


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