Gluten Free Products!

NEW: We would like to introduce our new certified **Gluten Free** available products.


Please note that a vast amount of our products do not contain gluten, but those noted below have been lab certified as gluten free. As we continue to test and certify our products as Gluten Free this list will increase.

**Symbol to look for on packaging to specify certified gluten free  and Gluten Free products**

The list of products declared Gluten Free:


Bacon Salami

Balcan Salami

Balcan Salami Hot

BBQ Precooked Bratwurst

Black Forest Ham

Camping Salami

Canadian Franks

Chicken Mini Pepperoni

Debriziner Sausage

Dry Salami

Dry Salami Hot

European Style Wieners 

Garlic Salami

German Salami

Honey Garlic Mini Pepperoni

Hot Mini Pepperoni

Hot Pepperoni

Hungarian Salami

Jalapeno Mini Pepperoni

Kaiser Salami

Kielbassa (Coil, Ring, and Half Moon)



Mild Mini Pepperoni

Mild Pepperoni

Mini Black Forest Ham

Mini All Beef Salami

Mini All Beef Salami Hot

Mini Kaiser Salami

Mini Pepper Salami

Mini Pepper Salami HOT

Mini Turkey Pepperoni HOT

Mini Summer Salami

Oven Roast Turkey

Pepper Salami


Smoked Chabai

Smoked Farmers Sausage

Smokey Bacon Mini Pepperoni

Summer Salami

Sweet & Spicy Mini Pepperoni

Teriyaki Mini Pepperoni

Truffle Salami

Turkey Mini Pepperoni

Turkey Pepperoni

Turkey Pepperoni Hot