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Please note that the following products contain either Mustard, Dairy, Wheat or Soy:

Bauernspeck  -  Mustard
BBQ Style Chicken Breast  -  Soy and Dairy
BBQ Smokies with Cheese   -  Dairy
BBQ Smokies with Cheese & Jalapeno  -  Dairy
Beerwurst  -  Mustard Seed
Black Forest Ham  -  Soy
Black Forest Ham Farmer Style  -  Soy
Bologna Red  -  Soy

Canadain Franks - Mustard & Soy
Chicken Bologna  -  Soy
Cocktail Wiener  -  Mustard and Soy
Cooked Ham Square/Round  -  Soy
Corned Beef  -  Soy
Dry Cured Bacon  -  Mustard
Frankfurter  -  Mustard and Soy  
German Mortadella  -  Soy
Goose Liversausage  -  Dairy
Gooseliver Natural  -  Dairy
Honey Maple Ham  -  Soy and Wheat
Knacker  -  Mustard and Soy 
Lachsschinken (Dry Cured)  -  Mustard
Landjaeger  -  Mustard  
Liver and Bacon Liversausage  -  Dairy
Liversausage Coarse  -  Dairy
Liversausage Fine  -  Dairy
LIversausage with Herbs  -  Dairy
Liversausage with Jalapeno  -  Dairy
Liversausage with Parsely  -  Dairy
Meatloaf Fine  -  Soy
Montreal Smoked Meat  -  Soy
Mini Black Forest Ham  -  Soy
Mustardseed Salami  -  Mustard
Oven Roasted Chicken  -  Soy and Dairy
Pastrami (Eye Of Round)  -  Soy
Pastrami (Outside)  -  Soy
Mini Pepperoni Smokey Bacon  -  Soy
Mini Pepperoni Teriyaki  -  Soy
Pimento Sausage  -  Soy
Praquer Ham  -  Soy
Ring Bologna  -  Mustard and Soy
Roast Beef  -  Soy, Wheat and Mustard

Smoked Liver Sausage  -  Dairy
Smoked Turkey Black Forest Style  -  Soy
Smoked Turkey Breast Roll  -  Soy
Smoked Turkey Legs  -  Soy
Summer Salami  -  Mustard
Smoked Turkey Thighs  -  Soy
Spiced Ham Sausage  -  Soy
Tiroler Schinkenspeck  -  Mustard
Turkey Bologna  -  Soy
Virginia Ham  -  Soy

Wieners with Cheese - Mustard / Soy / Milk
Wiener Regular/Long  -  Mustard and Soy
Wiener Regular/Long Natural  -  Mustard and Soy

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